Welcome to the 2019 NAB Show.  The is the Advantage Video Systems Booth SL14818 show recommendation list.  These are the companies that we feel meet your needs and we have negotiated with for our guests.  Please let us know if you need any other recommendation and enjoy the conference!  Also please let them know you we referred by Advantage Video Systems to get the special pricing we have negotiated for you.


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Litepanels - C5725 - Vitec Group brand, LED lighting systems for the television, broadcast, video and film industries.

Kino Flo - C5344 - Launches 4K equivalent Celeb 850 LED wall of light with variable
2500K-9900K, 360°color, RGB color, green/magenta control, and wireless DMX. The Celeb 850 joins the new lightweight Select Freestyle fixtures, sporting detachable LED panels, chassis, controllers and mounts for work on light stands, ranging from studio grids or building into sets. The Select LED line has also expanded from the popular two foot Select 20 & three foot Select 30 to the new 4ft Select 41.

FLUOTEC - C12316 - Leading manufacturer of LED & professional lighting fixtures for television studios, motion pictures, video & photography. CINELIGHT™ a powerful line of white SOFT light Tunable DMX LED PANELS STARMAKER™ Portable AC & Battery Operated IP65 StudioLED™ DMX PANELS, FRESNELS & SOFTboxes VEGALUX 500™ 5K Dedicated CCT VEGALUX 300™ 2K Tunable CCT 12” 300W VEGALUX 200 ™ 7” 180W AURALUX™ 5.5” 146W StudioLED 650, 450, 250.

Nila LED Lighting - C8440 - Environmentally sustainable LED Lighting. Nila is the premier manufacturer of high-brightness, super-durable lighting systems for film, television, ENG, sports, and architecture. Light smarter.

Zylight - C9735 - Leading manufacturer of intelligent LED lighting instruments for film and video production. Designed in the USA, Zylights produce fully calibrated bright white light, and some models include Zylight Color Mode to create any color without gels. Other features include wireless control, DMX integration, and AC/DC power options. Zylight is also the exclusive distributor of Aladdin, LDDE, NanGuang lights and accessories, as well as FXLION battery and charger products, throughout the Americas.

Fiilex - C8248 - Designs and manufactures high-end LED lighting products for the Image Capture Industry. Using proprietary technologies (Dense Matrix LED), Fiilex is capable of producing portable and powerful hard Fresnel sources that boast high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and color tuning capabilities. The award-winning product line includes the Matrix Light, Q1000, Q500, P360, P180E, P100.

Photon Beard Ltd. - C7750 - UK manufacturer of lighting for TV, Film and Photography. At NAB we will be showing our highly successful range of LED remote phosphor lights. Used by many broadcasters around the world. We will also have our LED Redhead for ENG and freelance work.

Light & Motion - C12331 - State-of-the-art lighting for underwater image makers for over 25 years and now have parlayed this experience to launch the Stella line of LED lights for the broadcast


BB&S Lighting- C10035 Denmark's BB&S LIGHTING expands their lineup. Recent favorite Area 48™ Soft and Studio lights offer swappable phosphor panels changing the fixture's color temperature in seconds at 98 TLCI. Studio model provides smooth, accurate dimming even below 5% to zero.


Nila LED lighting - C8440 Nila was one of the first LED lighting product manufacturers to produce LED luminaires with color rendering, brightness levels, and reliability good enough to replace tungsten, HMI, and metal halide fixtures in a business where the image is everything. 


Rotolight - C2446 Rotolight is a pioneering British technology company, specializing in creating award-winning LED lighting products for broadcasters, filmmakers and photographers. 


Cineo Lighting - C7948 Cineo Lighting and NBCUniversal will feature the latest in LED lighting technology for Broadcast, Television and Motion Picture. Stop by and see the latest from Cineo Lighting including the Standard 410 and the new NBCUniversal LightBlade® Series - versatile production lighting systems featuring reference-quality tunable white light combined with a rec. 2020 saturated color system.


Draco Broadcast  - C10545 Draco Broadcast was founded in Silicon Valley, CA with the vision to produce professional-grade equipment for the video and broadcast industry. Dracast LED lighting was launched in 2010 and has since become an industry recognized leader in pro-grade LED video lighting. 


Hive Lighting - C10345 Hive Lighting is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of groundbreaking LED & Plasma lighting for the television & entertainment industry. 


Mole-Richardson Co.l - C5044 Mole-Richardson Co. was formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1927 to provide advanced lighting solutions for both the motion picture and broadcast industries. NAB 2019 will highlight new additions to the “Variable-Color” LED Fresnels line introduced last year.



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