Advantage Video Systems

Just a bit about AVS. Advantage Video Systems is one of the leading system integrators for the media & entertainment industry. We've built numerous production & post production facilities and VFX houses over the past 18+ years. We've also completed over 250 TV stations nationwide. We do Video and Audio editing bays, DI bays Voice over rooms VFX bays and screening rooms. In the back, we do everything for your facility, including GPU Render Farms, Shared Storage, Media Asset Management, Archiving, Distance based KVM’s, UPS, cabling and so much more. 



We are also AdvantageStudios, a new venture with a green screen stage, and white Cyclorama wall on our big production stages and we have some sets as well.  We also have post-production and VFX bays.  Our studio features a full Broadcasting studio bay, Voice over room and we have 2 color finishing bays.



The third part of our company is AdvantageTV.  We have 30 TV stations in over 160 countries with 500,000,000 (1/2 a Billion viewers worldwide).  We can create a show for you and distribute it to all or some of our channels over AppleTV, Ruko, Amazon, DirectTV, DishNetwork, Comcast and much more.   AdvantageTV can also create your own channel where you can sell your own ads to create your own shows and get others to pay you to put their shows on your network. All for very little or no investment from you.



We also have LaunchNet, a platform to help startup companies develop pitch decks to get investments from venture capitalist and angel investors.  Our team of coaches work with the startup to develop the perfect pitch and then we produce it at our state of the art facility and host the video on our platform.  We then broadcast it to our network of angel and venture capitalists.  If they like your pitch there is a package of finances and other documents ready to go and get funded.


Lastly, we have teams of production crews ready to shoot your project or live event.  From cameras to audio and lighting we are ready to produce your project.

Jeffrey Stansfield

Jeffrey Stansfield, the CEO of Advantage Video Systems, a leading technology provider to the entertainment industry. He launched AVS in 2001 and has steadily built its clientele by focusing on one customer at a time. His slogan, “How can we make your day perfect?” drives him and his team to empower clients with the latest information and technology solutions. His company’s work encompasses workflow consultation, design, installation and integration.


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